Myth and Reality

Linen fabrics wrinkle easily


While it is not elastic, there are different types of woven linen, such as fishbone and knitted linen, that wrinkles far less. Try our SOFI LINEN fishbone napkins and placemats.

Sleeping in linen is healthy


Bed linen was called linen for a reason: it is the traditional way we got a good night’s sleep. Cool in the summer, warm in winter, hygienic, hypoallergenic and water-absorbent, it helps us sleep soundly.

Linen is used for textiles only


Whilst it is largely used in fashion and home décor, including furnishings and accessories, linen has many uses: 25 % of US paper currency is made of linen because of its durability.

Flax is European in origin


Indeed European continent produces 85% of flax, which is where the plant originates. European quality linen cannot be grown elsewhere as it needs a special cool damp climate and a generous soil.

Linen fabrics are rough


Properly stonewashed linen can be thin and soft. Each successive washing makes linen softer.


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